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Some points and facts that may help you in relation to your visit

Preparation for your appointment

It is common and normal to feel anxious when attending for troublesome intimate women's health problems.


We would like to reassure you that Mr Emmanuel strives to uphold the guidance of the General Medical Council at all times. His key values are as follows:

  • To listen to patients, take account of their views, and respond honestly to their questions.

  • To give patients the information they want or need to know in a way they can understand.

  • To ensure that arrangements are made, wherever possible, to meet patients’ language and communication needs.

  • To be considerate to those close to the patient, and be sensitive and responsive in giving them information and support.

  • To treat patients as individuals and respect their dignity and privacy.

  • To treat patients fairly and with respect whatever their life choices and beliefs.

  • To work in partnership with patients, sharing with them the information they will need to make decisions about their care.

Every woman will be offered a chaperone for all intimate exams, and no intimate examination will take place without a female chaperone being present.

Bleeding at the time of your visit?

While many women will feel embarrassed or concerned about attending the gynaecologist if they are bleeding, or worried that the doctor prefers that they do not attend, please be reassured that your dignity will always be maintained, and the consultant would still be happy to see you if you prefer to come along. In many cases, the preliminary test and investigations can be commenced at the first visit, and an intimate internal examination deferred until the subsequent visit when you may be less likely to be bleeding. We hope you find that a reasonable option.

Self Funding Patients and Invoicing

If you are self funding your medical care, we collect payment prior to your appointment. Please note the following important points:

1. Our billing system is NOT part of the hospitals billing system. This invoice does NOT cover any costs for the use of hospital services provided directly by the hospital (e.g. medical equipment used during consultation, blood/pathology tests, scans, physiotherapy, etc). 

2. The hospital will bill you separately for use of their services, which is explained on the patient registration form that you will complete at the hospital, explaining that it is normal to receive two invoices, one from the consultant, and one from the BMI Healthcare. 

3. Any invoices that you receive from the hospital that you wish to query should be taken up using the contact details on their invoice.

4. This invoice is solely for any consultation or surgery undertaken by the consultant, and not hospital services or equipment used, and should you have any queries about this invoice please kindly let us know.

Insured Patients and Invoicing

Following your visit, your insurer will be billed for your consultation. Once they have processed the claim, they will advise us if there is a shortfall that is to be collected from you (the excess on your policy). We are given no detailed information about your policy, so if you have any queries about excess payments this would need to be taken up by you with your insurer. Payment of any invoice from us would need to be to be settled within 3 days from the date of the invoice. Further appointments can not be accepted if there are any outstanding invoices.

We deal with all the common insurers including those listed below.

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