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The above image shows a large fibroid underneath the surgical instrument with the womb above

The problem that you may be facing is worrying why you are bleeding heavily or experiencing discomfort in the pelvis affecting your bladder or bowel. You may also be worried about the ability to get a professional discussion about options and a clear plan regarding what heavy periods may mean for you concerning management. You may be finding it difficult to obtain a quick appointment. Following review, I will put all the options of management to you depending on your current fertility status and age. 


This usually involves a clinical history and abdominal/internal examination to determine the size of the womb, and to ensure that the bleeding is not due to a problem on the cervix, and to locate the position of any fibroids.


Should you wish to make an appointment for a private consultation regarding fibroids or heavy periods, and undertake the next steps, please book an appointment via this website by completing the form at the bottom of the page, or visit the contact page for a specific hospital to book directly into my clinic.

Blood Tests

Blood tests will be needed to exclude causes for heavy periods and anaemia should you have those symptoms.


If you have recently had an ultrasound scan, I may need to send you for an MRI or CT scan depending on what I think is the cause of the heavy periods or pelvic discomfort.

Follow Up

You will need a further follow-up appointment to discuss the results of the tests that you have been sent for.

Surgical Procedures

My laparoscopic (keyhole) specialist training means that not only am I able to offer all types of hysterectomy procedures, but I will also be able to offer fertility/womb-sparing procedures such as resection of fibroids via the cervix and myomectomy. I will offer you all medical and minimally invasive options before a hysterectomy. I will follow the national guidelines on managing fibroids and heavy periods.


It is difficult to be precise about the costs of a complete assessment for heavy periods. I would be happy to provide a more accurate verbal estimate to you based on what is found at the consultation.

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