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The above image shows endometriosis affecting the pelvic side wall and uterosacral ligament. Courtesy of Cleveland Clinic

My main surgical fellowship in London, Australia and Germany was in the management of women with suspected or known endometriosis including those women with severe disease.


The problem that you may be facing is difficulty in diagnosis, professional discussion about options and a clear plan regarding what endometriosis may mean for you concerning pain management, fertility and long-term treatment options.


I prefer to see you in person to examine you for evidence of endometriosis.


Should you wish to make an appointment for a private consultation regarding heavy periods, and undertake the next steps, please book an appointment via this website by completing the form at the bottom of the page, or visiting the contact page for a specific hospital to book directly into my clinic.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are not routinely needed for endometriosis diagnosis and management.

Ultrasound Scans

Endometriosis diagnosis will usually require some form of imaging. This is usually ultrasound. However, depending on the medical history I obtain from you and clinical findings, further tests such as an MRI scan may be needed.

Follow Up

You will need a further follow-up appointment to discuss all of the results and the types of treatment that may be offered to you.

Surgical Procedures

A wide range of surgical procedures can be offered including excision and ablation techniques for endometriosis and ovarian follicle-sparing surgery for endometriotic cysts. Should you have severe endometriosis affecting the bowel, you will need to be referred to a specialist centre for further management. Fortunately, only a small number of women are affected by very severe endometriosis. 


It is difficult to be precise about the costs of a complete assessment for endometriosis and future fertility as some women may request specific tests that they would like performed. I would be happy to provide a more accurate verbal estimate to you based on what is found at the consultation.

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